09 July 2008

Moving forward

looking back at my last post, i can see how much time has passed and how much my lil' one has grown. he's now 3 months old and i find myself back into a "nesting" mind frame. now that he's sleeping more and i'm not carrying a ton of extra weight around, i feel motivated to be getting things done around here.
this week i'm focused on organizing. sure, it's a pain but once you get started there is an excitement that comes when you see how much better things can be! every day or so i take on a new area... monday was the kitchen hutch, tuesday was the back yard (we potted up some lovely flowers and herbs), then today it's my desk/computer space. what brought most of this on is re-reading the book "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. i have read it over before but that was more than a year ago. reading it again has sparked some new ideas and reminders for keeping up on my "shtuff".
are you feeling like your mind will explode with all the to-do lists and projects that need working on? take a look in GTD and you will be ready to go out and buy a bunch of office supplies, sticky notes, and maybe even a label maker!! organizing can be fun... and artful if you let it.

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