05 June 2008

where have i been?

wow! what day is it?!!

i have somewhat lost track of time since the baby was born... this one makes three for me and it is a CIRCUS around here! i do like circuses but i never thought i'd be living in one. funny thing is... i never really thought i would have kids. so now here i am-- surrounded by little things and silly giggles, slobber kisses and of course-- lots of PooP.

now that baby "X2" has turned 8 weeks old and i'm getting a bit more rest, i have pulled out the sewing machine and my journal again and have been working away. i find that the days i get to feed my creative side (even if it's just for 10 minutes) are the days i am a happier mom. and we all know that a happy mom makes a happy family, right?!

a few of my latest projects:

baby wrap carrier, diaper tote-bag, crochet market produce bags, purse organizers, and a really cute pin cushion. WHEW!

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