13 November 2006

art day

my nieces (ages 8 and 6) came over on saturday for a few hours. all three of us sat around the table and rubber stamped, made fun-mail, and then wrote in our journals. honestly, it was the most "funnest" day i have had in a while! jazz had some really great ideas for her rubber stamped postcards. it was amazing to watch her work. there was no stressing over what would fit on a page or how things should be laid out. she just looked at what items were on the table and then worked on her project as the ideas came. what resulted was something funny, spontaneous, and so imaginative!
i had made them each their own journals by decorating the covers of a composition notebook and presented them to the girls with 2 colored acid free pens and a pencil. they were so happy. it made me feel great to share the love of artfulness with another generation. before they left jazz said to me: when i grow up, i want to be an artist- just like you.
i remember thinking the same thing about my favorite auntie when i was little.
memories if that saturday will keep me going for a while...


zebraflower said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! that is so0o0o0o0 sweet! JaneLLe might not like to go eat at that caFe, however :-)

Yawnna said...

lol Gloria!

That is so cute. I showed it to Kyle and we both want to take a trip into Jazzy's head. Very imaginative. I am glad you three girls had such a fun time.

Yawnna said...

Sweet I got my LNE Zine today. I am reading it now, but couldn't contain my excitement and had to post real quick.