07 May 2009

being a tourist

Out supporting local business today. ha on Twitpic
today i was up and out of the house much earlier than usual. i planned a little adventure to a local art & framing shop to have a large Monet print framed for hanging in my newly re-arranged living room. i walked down the main street practically skipping while i held my rolled up poster. it was such a nice feeling to take a detour from my usual day and do something fun. it helped having the sunshine to gently sweep me along. i walked in the frame shop and didn't know where to start- with so many choices, i could have easily been there all day! eventually i decided on a rustic-looking frame with mats that matched the wall color and sofa in my living room. when i finally placed my order and left the shop, i continued on my way thru downtown and had a treat at a little coffee shop where i feasted on a lemon-blueberry muffin with glaze drizzled over the top and my usual coffee drink **tall-half decaf- mocha-with whip** (some days i take a chance and try other coffee mixes but i always come back to the good 'ol mocha. it's just a slightly "grown up" hot chocolate but sooo yummy). i sat and ate at a little table for 2 in a corner. i felt like a tourist, watching the different groups of people coming and going and it was so calming and energizing at the same time. if you haven't given it a try for a while, take a walk down your town or city's main street and have a little adventure- even if it's just to enjoy a muffin and a mocha!

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