10 March 2008

first listing on Etsy

today i opened up my seller account and finally took the plunge in listing my work on Etsy. i have mostly sold my things on Ebay before but i can see why other artists are fustrated over their sales and the new fee structure... so here goes!

check out my new shop - more things to be added soon!!


Wyatt's Magic Wagon said...

You have been tagged by a fellow Etsy/ZNE member. You will need to go to my blog to see whats next. ps love your blog, I am adding to my links:) Mandy

Jamie Noel said...

Welcome to Etsy! I stumbled across your blog and saw your exciting announcement! I've found Etsy to be a great venue for selling and an extremely supportive community. It can also be a bit overwhelming at first, so if you have any questions I'd be happy to share what I know, (through much trial and error!).