14 February 2008

feeling eco-friendly

this week i have been on an eco-friendly crochet kick. after reading Gina's blog post, i have made myself some new shopping bags. i pulled out the old vintage-colored yarn my mom had been saving since forever and now have 3 new bags for my groceries, library books, clothing store buys, craft store purchases, and anything else you can get that usually comes in a plastic bag when you check out your items. it's like a whole new way to let other people know about your personality while also showing that you care about the earth! nifty! my new bags are holding up nicely and actually carry so much more than the usual grocery-store plastic bags (which usually tear, or can only fit 2 items at a time inside them so you have to take 10 trips from the car and back to the kitchen for unloading), and have a much more comfy feel to the handles -not digging into your palm when holding a heavy item.

so far, i have found that most places are happy to put your things in a tote or bag that you have brought along for your shopping. i would imagine it saves the store money too- not giving away so many plastic bags with their logos printed on them. the one place i got an eye-roll was from the cashier at Target. at first she was frustrated that she couldn't find a price tag on the bag... and then looked at me questioningly. after i pointed out that they were to put my items in she rolled her eyes and said "OK". well, i'm sure i won't be the first person to use the BYOB method of shopping in her line. hopefully she won't be so weird to the next customer.


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is a great idea! Do you know where I might find a pattern?



crazyladybugg said...

@annette - these i made by adjusting a usual hat pattern and then adding a handle. i'll write out a pattern and post it as soon as i can soon!

Anonymous said...

They hold s0o0o0o0o0 stuff! The check out guys at trader joes were amazed :- )

I love mine!


cinderelly said...

these are cute bags, i saw them on 'cut out and keep' and followed the link. cute blog too!