11 December 2007

change of scenery

after being in a long rut for so long... we are finally getting out for a change of scenery!
we're planning our first big vacation since we went to Boston/ New York/ New Jersey over 2 years ago. this time we will be driving down the California coast to end up back in L.A (where I used to call home). we will take a week down and then spend a week in Los Angeles visiting my family, hanging in my old neighborhood, and EATING lots of good Arabic, Armenian, Mexican, and Sushi foods!! YUMMY!! it's almost my favorite part of going back to visit. with so much cultural variety there, it's easy to get good food.
in preparation for the trip, i have made a simple little travel journal taken from the Paper Source website. i did tweak it a little so that i could have pockets to put things into on both sides of the book. it's still a work in progress and needs a cover but so far i've added some color to the inside. the rest will be filled while on the road. i've also painted up some 4x6 index cards to use for journaling and placed them in a few pockets. i wanted to make sure to use envelopes large enough to fit postcards and maps into. so far, i'm happy with the results.
this is what it looks like now... and when we get back, i'll be sure to post pics of how it holds up after 14 days of riding around in a diaper bag!!

front side when opened

back side when opened

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