15 March 2007

journal time

i've been back on a journaling binge lately. i have left off journaling for a few months but during the time my dad was in the hospital, i found myself sitting in a waiting room for hours and hours. after being inspired by zee-flower's journal pages, i remembered that i had a small bound journal that i started but never really got going in. i pulled it off the shelf and stuck it in my bag with a few pens, scissors, and a glue stick. the next time i was at the hospital sitting in the waiting room, i was able to escape to a little into a spot where all i had to do was think about me and how i was being affected by the happenings around me. i didn't have to be brave, i could be sad, tired, lost, worried... without the guilt that comes when i let others see my expressions. so i got thru the days one by one, and as my dad healed- i noticed that a change occured in me too. some days i feel like a butterfly... getting my wings.

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