18 January 2007

winter time art

Crochet slippers
Originally uploaded by crazyladybugg.
lately, my artsy-ness has taken the form of warm clothing and winter accessories. when i come across a new crochet pattern that appeals to me, i work on it right away and if it turns out right... then i'll make multiple versions of the same thing. so far i've made about 3 pairs of slippers, 5 scarf/hat sets, 4 purses, 2 sets of mittens (with more in the works), and 2 baby ponchos. the funny thing about crochet projects is that whenever i make something, i have in mind who i'm making it for and give it away as a present. i guess that's what the best part of my winter crochet spree really is-- the happy presents that i get to share with others.

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