13 December 2006

Completely HOOKED!

Bright colors
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i have been a crochet maniac these last several weeks. i've pretty much given away all the things that i have made. i can't help that the cold weather always makes me want to stay inside and cozy up with some yarn and a hook. my latest project is a baby poncho and finally a nice scarf for myself. making something for me is the hardest part! i can decide well on what colors, textures, stitches to use for everyone else but when it comes to deciding what i want to do... i stand in front of a wall of yarn and can't even pick ONE!!

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zebraflower said...

oh...such haPPiness. love the pic! it's rainy today. goNNa stay home.
grandma's coming over with chitah to help make some new zebra curtains for my kitchen! i knOw....craZy, but i need some new eYe candy for our windows.

also in the wOrks, gonna make tamales!
chitah's made a big blanket too. she working on another one, i'm sure she'll be bringing her yarn.

love ya....WISH we were ALL together : (