18 October 2006

this is me

i decided to devote more time to my creative side a few years ago, when i found out i was expecting my first child. before that i was working full time and always dreaming up new projects yet feeling so frustrated and told myself that i didn't have the time or the talent to even try. eventually, after my son was born, and having the courage to devote some time to myself, i finally allowed myself be inspired by many other mom-artists and i gave myself the permission i craved to get off my behind and DO something. that's when i started my art journal. since then i have kept mulitple art journals and let myself do little creative things each day. now, another child later, i find that i am more "myself" than i have ever been. turning 30 this year was another milestone in my artisitc growth. i set some goals for myself and i'm having a great time seeing them come true! each time i cross a goal off my "to-be-done" list i do a little happy dance.

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